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#3 Seattle Seahawks:

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Led by Russell Wilson on offense, Richard Sherman and the Legion of Boom, and with the replacement of Marshawn Lynch with the very capable and equally punishing running back Thomas Rawls, there is little doubt that the Seahawks will be in the playoffs.
But, when you add the savviness of the talent acquisition masters headed by Coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider, backed by the money and connections of Billionaire Paul Allen, you've got the makings of a Super Bowl champion.
Sprinkle on an obsessed, some would say Posessed, fan base we all now know as the 12th Man, and there is little doubt that the Seattle Seahawks are best positioned to see post season play.

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#5 Denver Broncos

The Broncos are pining for a repeat trip to the Super Bowl


#4 Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan leading the explosive Falcons offense


#3 Seattle Seahawks

Double threat on both sides of the ball from Russell Wilson and the Legion of Boom.

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